Gangtey In House Experience



At RKPO Green Resort we celebrate the simple things in life. Nourishing, nurturing food - unashamedly uncomplicated. We offer our guests a select menu of Western classics, traditional Asian favourites, and dishes that offer a taste of Bhutan. Where possible, our menu is created using seasonal, local and organic produce - farm to table.

We serve meals using local seasonal and organic ingredients. From elegant dining in our restaurant, to casual meals, coffee, and snacks, our menus are developed with locally sourced and fresh ingredients.

At RKPO Green Resort we celebrate simple things in life. Quality local and international beverages with beautiful open sky with bone fire and spicy grills.

SPA / Restore

Revive your senses and restore your spirit at Green Resort Spa. The spa offers various treatments and therapies using our very own hand-blended essential oils. Relax in the steam room and suna and treat yourself to a deserving few hours at the spa and leave fully refreshed and rejuvenated.

"To commence your journey within our spa, each treatment begins with an offering of Herbal tea, healing touches to trigger points on your body to effectively relieve tension and ease you into relaxation and healing."


Beautiful valleys and off road biking trails to rejoice and breath taking land escape. Mountain biking takes you back to being a kid playing in the mud. You'll get messy, you'll slide around and you'll probably fall off a few times. You'll finish spattered in mud (or, if you get a rare dry trail day, covered in dust), stung by nettles and grinning like a loon while you share stories over a pint.

Hot Stone bath

The process of a traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath is unique. It uses Menchu (medicinal water) which is nothing but fresh river water mixed with Artemisia leaves. The water is heated using river stones that are roasted on fire till they are glowing red. The temperature of the water can be increased by adding more heated stones into a wooden chamber via a chute. This chamber is connected to the main tub (also made of wood) which contains the water. The holes in the chamber allow the heat to be infused into the bath (so there is no danger of being burned by the hot stones) and the stones are said to release key minerals into the water which are believed to have medicinal benefits. One can soak in the water for about an hour or two after a tiring day while sipping a hot beverage. This may also be followed by a salt scrub to remove dead skin cells and an oil massage to relieve tired muscles.